Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Black Ribbon: CW Singin' Chris Mac Dusky, CGC (Mac) 1996 (?) to 9/13/2010

Today, I had to say good-by until we meet again to my heart dog, Mac. Mac was adopted in 2000, pulled from a kill shelter on his last day by Betty Christianson in Dallas. As far as we could tell by the many dog-fighting scars that most likely Mac had been used as a bait dog for a Pit Dog Fighting Ring. If this was his past life - he left it far beind, never again to show any agression to man nor beast. As his Aunt Florence described him, Mac was a perfect gentleman.

Mac 'worked' for many years attending Dog Shows, pet events as a breed ambassador, and four Malamute National Specialties, being in the Rescue Showcase in 2002. He and his lady friend, PatsyCline traveled the nation with Tom and me and later Aunt Florence on our many trips in the RV. He loved going to events and would lay on the floor with an ear to ear smile as half a dozen kids crawled all over him.

His Aunt Lynne has said he was a perfect Malamute, at lest as far as his temperament and personality and inteligence was concerned. Conformation - well - he was a well put together 'Old Style" dog. Large - and the biggest part of him was his heart. Mac earned his ILP (now PAL) registration with the AKC the 'hard' way - by a in person inspection by AKC judges at one of the Houston Dog Shows, then earned his Canine Good Citizen title the frist time we took the test, at an RPOA event.

We have no idea how old he actually was - when I got him in 2000, he was at best guess, at least 4 years old - but until the last few days was happy and active. When his back legs gave out on him and could not walk he happily spent his days watching TV and eating treats. That is not to say he could not get around - he would scoot around the RV and let his needs and wants clearly known to any and all humans in his sight. (Including the fact he did NOT like football games.)

Mac would not bark - he lived with me three years until I heard a sound out of him - and then it was a howl responding to a Malamute 'singing' on my computer. After that, he only barked about 4 times, and NEVER if you were looking at him. That is except for the night Ashley and Jason brought fried chicken over to the house- he KNEW they brought the food for HIM - to the point I put him in the next room behind a baby gate so he wold not steal the whole box of food. He let us know loudly, and incessantly that chicken was HIS! He managed to con us out of several pieces. Food was Mac's favorite thing in life - tonight Jason and I went to a local BBQ place and we saved Mac some of the BBQ's beef and sausage and bought him an order of french fries. Mac did share a small taste for Patsy, but enjoyed his BBQ dinner more than most of us would a dinner at a 5 Star Resturant.

The greatest gift Mac brought to me was JOY, a pure love of life - whether it was taking trip in the car of RV, a walkabout when he found a weak point in the fence or just sunbathing on the cement driveway in the 100 degree Texas heat.

A very special soul who arrived at my house so skinny (less than 60 lbs- literally skin and bones) that we were not sure he was even a Malamute - healed to a glorious well conditioned 115 lb true Mal in all respects. The highest praise given by mushers to working dogs - and even though Mac never pulled a sled - or ever earned any working titles -my weaknesses not his - Mac deserves the highest honor one can bestow - he was an HONEST dog.

I have to give a special thanks to the entire staff of County Line Animal Hospital, in Adkins, TX who have been my vets for many years. They are truly caring people and not only love animals, but care about the owners. Dr. Joseph Miga took care of Mac. Three months ago when Mac was loosing the use of his hind legs, the day I brought Mac to the clinic to be put to sleep, Dr Miga really did pull out a magic wand - powered by an amazing amount of knowlege, mixed with the ability to 'think outside the box', always with the best interest of the animal in mind. And Dr. Miga was there today helping Mac across the Bridge. For the rest of the staff--you will never know how much the hugs and the kind words helped me get through the day. The little things you did, are VERY big. Thank you all! Mac left this world, surrounded by me and family and LOVE.

My heart breaks tonight, missing my Mac-man, but I am comforted knowing he no longer is in pain, and again runs free and restored to health at the Rainbow Bridge.

We will be together again, my baby boy.


A Legend:


Welcome. I am Wolf Stout Heart, Seventh Year Resident of the Rainbow Bridge.

This is your introduction to the Rainbow Bridge. I have been a resident here for a little over 7 years and am a member of the Welcome and Orientation Committee, Wolfdog and Northern Breed Division. I have the extreme honor of escorting you North of the Rainbow Bridge where those of our kind wait.

You have already received your Silver Harness, and it looks so good on you. Now, let us begin our journey.

As you see there are fields of sheep and cows for the herding dogs, and over there are the lakes, marshes and fields for the hounds and sporting dogs to play. Oh; And here are Beau and Sam, the Goldens we lived with -- we visit often, after all we all have loved and are waiting for the same Humons. {This is CW Singin’ Chris MacDusky, CGC. Also known as Master Gunnery Sgt. Mac MacDusky. OGP, of the MRM, Marine Recon Division, Texas Contingent. See ya later, guys. We are on our way North.}

Oh, look! The agility games are going on. And here is one of the newer areas at the Bridge and they have just finished the Rally field--this time with the directions for each station written in Dog.

All the areas at The Bridge are for all the animals here and we have a lot of fun together. I have even seen some of the cats at the swimming ponds.

See that area over there? Where the sun shines bright and warm all the time and there is a gentle mist for a few hours each day? That is where all the reptiles and amphibians are. They all have nice tree limbs and warm rocks to lounge on.

But let's continue North.

Oh, check out those hedges and trees – that is where the bunnies and the mice, rats, gerbils and ferrets are. I like to come down and watch them play; they just have so much fun –the flurry of activity and squeaking for joy when one of their Humes is coming is a treasure.

Now watch your step, this is the Large Animal area. Occasionally all the horses, mules, donkeys, even the cows and goats get a little carried away with the Herd Running Game and can give a smaller critter like us quite a surprise as they break the hill at full gallop. Even the pigs and chickens take part.

As the hills get a little steeper and woods a little thicker it is so much fun to run full speed, up and down the hills dodging the trees. Here you will see the ‘exotic’ animals. The tigers and lions and bears and wolves, all the animals thought of as wild but have hearts shared with humans. They, too, will cross the Rainbow Bridge with their special person.

But our journey carries us further to the North.

You feel the air getting crisper? And look, your coat is fuller and your Silver Harness shines brighter. We are getting close.

Now, step carefully, we are crossing the Crystal Bridge. Here, the weather is always clear, the snow just the right depth and the trail, perfect.

Since we have arrived during the afternoon, I can show you some of the activities we have. The Northern Breeds have many interests and enjoy many different games. I know you are used to having a Hu-mon to hook your harness to the sled or cart but your Silver Harness has magic and will hitch to what ever you want.

Over here is the Weight Pulling arena. We have both wheeled carts and sleds. And yes, there are a lot of other breeds up here pulling. The cart always has just the right weight and you always complete the pull. Even though the Humes aren’t there to cheer you on we all gather around and woo you on to victory.

The Sammies are over there herding reindeer, and there are open streams for the Inuits and Greenlands to fish for salmon.

The Malamutes came up with a great idea that has now become a tradition with all the breeds. Each year during that Breed’s National Specialty there is a Rainbow Bridge Specialty Show. All the dogs who had show careers and those who just wanted to be a show dog enter the show ring and go around one more time. The Malamutes have gotten permission to have visitors from Heaven during that time. Humes who have no dog with them are allowed to come visit and watch the show. Judges and Stewards come and take part. And the old breeders come to see how the breeds are developing and visit with their great-great grandpuppies. All the dogs participating the first time get their Silver Rosette. You see, every dog here is perfect.

If you look around you see not only are there warm straw beds to rest on, but houses with soft sofas and fireplaces to just lounge on and swap stories. Many of the residents wait here for the night.

That is the time all of the Northern Breed dogs assemble. Each night the team is formed up and they run. They can be seen from earth as the Northern Lights and now we are getting members from the Southern Hemisphere, they run to the South Pole of earth to give them lights, too.

Each March is a special run. That is when the Iditarod is run on earth and all the dogs who have raced team up together for a special display. Many of them are cheering on their Humes who are racing. Many of them have family members on the trail. It seems that the Alaskans and the Sibes work their hardest to see who can make the most spectacular light display. However, always are the Malamutes - led by the '94 Storm Kloud Team - the only all AKC Malamute team to enter the Iditarod, but joined by all of the Malamutes from the past thousands of years.

Well, I think you are pretty well acquainted with the Rainbow Bridge and North. There are just a couple of other things you should know.

You are able to see your Humes when you miss them most. They may have gotten a new dog. That is good. It means they have started to heal from the loss they felt when you left. But remember, a part of your heart remained with HER to replace the part of her heart she gave to you.

Now, occasionally, your Hu-Mom may be particularly sad and missing you. You are able to send your love to her any time. She will feel your love. It may be as a shadow in the corner of her sight, or the soft sound of your woo, or a gentle breeze caressing her cheek. And it will bring her comfort.

And there is one special night, Christmas Eve. All the animals waiting for a special person gather together and send their gift of love to their persons. That night we are able to speak to your person's heart and if she looks closely there is a star shining particularly bright. Just for her from you.

Oh, I see the sun is setting and you are looking at all the dogs gathering in team. Go, and run. It is your night.


Bilinda Marshall
December 2003

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