Saturday, February 28, 2009

Flash from the past - The Alaska trip to the Iditarod

The next few posts will be from my journal written during my Trip of a Lifetime to Alaska.

Alaska Day 0 Thursday, Feb 22, 2007

We made it. Got into Anchorage at 0412 am Central Standard time and spent about 45 minutes in the airport looking for missing luggage. Both of us have one bag that did not make it here! Luckily I split my clothes and stuff so if this happened, I still had enough to be able to get out of the hotel. Hopefully, the bags will show up today. My COOL BOOTS, the ones with the snowflake treads are in the missing bag, along with my down jacket. I guess I will really find out how well dressing in layers works. We got to the hotel (Days Inn at 5th and Cordova/and Denali) at 0500 our time. I love those 24 hour days.

The temp when we landed was 7 degrees with a 10 MPH wind. When we left San Antonio Airport the temp was 82 ---- you do the math!

Our room overlooks 4th Street and we are watching the dump trucks bring in snow to make the starting shoot for both the Irod and the Fur Rondy.

Link to the Fur Rondy is: Today the sprint races begin and tomorrow there is a weight pull. I want to get to that, I have heard that Nancy Russell is in AK for the run to Nome after the Irod is over....hopefully she and her Malamutes will be at the Rondy to show them the Mals still have it!

My cell phone has a great signal, at least as long as I am in Anchorage. No guarantees when we leave the big city.

Now I am awake and somewhat coherent i.e. had my first coke, I will sign off to go do stuff. The Rondy and the Irod make the first turn right outside the hotel window....sometimes, dumb luck works.

Yes, I am still bouncing around and leaving puddles.

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