Monday, September 5, 2011


With all the natural disasters occuring across the nation this year, I want to remind you not to forget your fuzzy, furry, feathered or scaled pets is you should need to leave your home.

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TODAY: Make a Info sheet for your pet – IF it is a foster for a 501(c)3 rescue group – list the Rescue and a local but out of area contact number as the FIRST contact – then add your name and contact number (cell phone) as the FOSTER.

List the Vet name and contact number which will have vet records for that animal.

Have a picture of you and the pet with names on the photos.

Have any special meds or food needs on the sheet.

Place the sheet in a Gallon size Ziplock bag that you have punched holes in the top edge above the ziplock so you can use zip ties (plastic wire ties) to attach it to the crate the animal is in. This will keep the sheet waterproof.

Just keep the ziplock bags (one for each animal) with info in a stack in one place to grab all at once – attach to crate when at evac location.

One of my friends on an animal list suggested that this information be put in a clearly marked Tote kept near the door, perhaps on your leash and collar hanger, in case Rescuers have to enter your home if you were not at home when an evacuation order is issued. 

Also have a SAVE MY PETS sticker on each door listing how many of each species of animal you have in your home so the rescuers will know what and how many to look for.  These volunteer animal evacuation rescuers try very hard to save all the animals left behind.

Sample Crate ID sheet: May be copied and pasted for format to one page in WORD this was originally typed in Comic Sans 48 Bold for name; Comic Sans 12 for body. Photos of pet inserted with WORD insert icon.

For more info on emergency Preps for Pets email me at and I will send you information how to purchase the complete Dogs In Disasters CD.

TEMPLATE resize if necessay to fit on one side of a sheet of paper:

ICY (Call name of pet)
Male Alaskan Malamute (Gender and breed of pet)

PHOTOS HERE – Insert to Word Document – resize to fit to page

OWNER: Alaskan Malamute Assistance League (Texas)
              Susan Jones: 302-555-6689 National Contact
             Linda Smith: 210-912-5544 Texas Contact
FOSTER HOME: Cherie and Art Dell --- Belfort, TX 
                              Cell Phone: 932-453-9367

AVID Microchip H1587184747
Rabies Tag, 00158 Gold Coast Vet Hosp.
Vet: Gold Coast Vet Hosp, Belfort TX  Phone: 932 334-5833

Alternative Contact: Kelly & Trina Mickels 714 823-7711

FEEDING: 1 ½ cups dry kibble twice a day, free access to water
MEDICAL HISTORY: Age related Arthritis, HW NEG             
MEDICATION: Heartgard First Sunday each Month

                         Buffered Aspirin as needed for joint pain,
EXERCISE: Moderate leash walking only – Icy is old and arthritic

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